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Airline Training

Flight Simulators

When it comes to reliabilty, we like to provide you with uninterrupted seamless training. All simulators are managed and maintained 24 hours, 365 days a year by our own professional engineering team.

Flight Simulator Specifications

The Flight Simulators within our fleet cover both Boeing and Airbus aircraft types, all simulators are Zero Flight Time approved.

Ground School

Our Ground School facility provides integrated computer based training with fixed base flight simulators. We pride ourselves in offering innovative training in a carrel environment.

We can offer you the ideal training package using the most professional instructors and a total dedication to customer service.

Cabin Safety Training

We equip your crews with the skills to deal with a complete range of emergency situations including fire and smoke, decompression, emergency landing and ditching.

Both full motion and fixed base simulators are used allowing students to practise a full range of realistic scenarios in cabin and flight deck environments.